The great unknown…four reasons to visit Korea!

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Before I came to Korea, I knew very little about this country.  As it stands, I am no expert on "the land of the morning calm," but I know a whole lot more about South Korea than I did before.  I often think to myself that Korea gets heavily overlooked as a tourist destination.  I highly recommend Korea as a travel spot.  Korea is far more than a land of English teachers and in this post I will highlight four reasons why you should consider traveling to Korea on your vacation. 1.) Big City Living (Seoul...and don't forget Busan!) Korea has a couple amazing cities that have an abundance of things to do.  In Seoul and Busan you will find some of the cleanest and easiest subway systems on the planet.  Since Korea is such a small country (geographically), the infrastructure that has been developed is extraordinary. Seoul and Busan are easy to get around and both cities have so many awesome neighborhoods, fresh fish markets, Buddhist temples, and museums to see.  Not to mention the nightlife in both of these places is unreal (if you like that sort of thing)! 2.) Hiking Korea isn't known for it monstrous peaks and the mountains here certainly don't compare to the Alps or the Rockies, but the hiking trails are fantastic!  Another plus to Korea being such a small country is that the government has been able to spend a lot of money on making really nice places to go hiking all over the country.  Almost every weekend, I find somewhere new to go trekking.  The skill levels of the hiking trails vary from beginner to advanced so there is something for everyone! 3.) Korean food is legit You may have heard about Kimchi, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Korea has some of the best food that I have ever had in my life.  I have tried no less than 50 different Korean dishes and without thinking too hard, I cannot think of one that I don't like.  The vast majority of food in Korean restaurants is very fresh, healthy, and super tasty.  Yum yum. 4.) Exotic (but developed and extremely safe!) Looking for something completely different but you don't quite have the desire to go somewhere "sketchy?"  No need to worry about a thing in Korea.  I am from the USA, I've been to about 11 countries, and Korea is BY FAR the safest place I've ever been.  On the other hand, I have never been anywhere like Korea.  This country is so different in so many ways, you'll be excited just to be here for the first couple days of your stay.    

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