Teaching English at GM in Korea

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Recently I was given the opportunity to teach English at GM in Korea.  It's not too often that foreigners are aloud to contract work outside of their language academy while living here, but I lucked out because my employer has some connections. I started working at the main GM manufacturing facility in South Korea (Changwon City) yesterday and so far my experience there has been amazing.  I've only taught two classes but I've already made friends with my students and been invited for a group hike next week.  I have class in Changwon City four times a week at 6AM, which is pretty early but I'm enjoying the sunrise!  The most unique thing about the class that I'm teaching at GM is that all six of my students are Korean men around the age of 50.  Aside from my boss, I really haven't interacted with many Koreans in this demographic so I'm stoked to get a different perspective of Korean culture from these guys!  See my pic below at the entrance to the GM facility in Changwon City.

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