Teaching “Conversational English”, some pros and a con (really, I only have one con)

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I am about nine months into teaching English in Korea.  I am well settled in the academy that I work and I have had hundreds of different students in my classroom.  I teach all different levels of conversational English and I also have gained experience as a corporate English instructor at General Motors.  There are some things that I love about teaching English and some other things (one in particular) that I am not quite fond of.  In this brief post, I will outline a couple thoughts: Some pros: -Connecting with students: This is by far my favorite part of teaching.  I am luckier than some because I teach adults and I have the opportunity to connect with my students outside of the classroom as well.  Regardless, if you like making friends and learning about other people (like me) then the classroom provides a really friendly atmosphere where you can really connect with your students on a deep level (maybe even make some friends!). -Learn patience/ understanding: By nature, I'm not the most patient person but when you teach English you have no choice other than to be patient.  Everyone learns differently, and some people learn really slowly.  As a native speaker, when you teach English (even in advanced classes), you really have to slow down and at times, it can be a struggle.  The ability to practice patience is essential in many aspects of life.  By teaching English, one can develop their capacity for patience, understanding, and empathy. CONS! (I really only have one) -Boring.... This won't be a problem for everyone, but it certainly is for me (especially in lower level classes).  Even though I have learned to be REALLY patient, that doesn't mean that I don't get bored sometimes....I do.  In order to combat boredom, you have to find ways to spice up your class.  I am constantly changing my lesson plans and incorporating new material into my lessons to try and keep things exciting.  Nonetheless, you're bound to have uneventful days....just one of the downers, I suppose.  

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