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Hey guys!!!  Time to talk about my new project.  I just created a new eBook series called “Teach English Abroad Now” (check out my first eBook available for pre-order now at in order to help people along the way to having the experience of a lifetime and to fill a major gap that exists in the market.  There are a lot of schools out there that offer English teaching certifications (TESL/TEFL/TESOL, etc) but almost all of them fail to offer significant assistance when it comes to actually helping you find an English teaching job abroad.  It’s not that TEFL schools won’t try to help you find a job, it’s that they don’t always have the appropriate resources to do so.  Most of the information TEFL schools will provide to you was put together in an office over the phone or by email.  Would you take travel advice from someone who has never even been to the country that you’re planning to visit, let alone somewhere you’re planning to live?

The English market is extremely fragmented and sometimes it can be nearly impossible for aspiring ESL teachers to navigate through the process of getting a job.  We decided to take matters into our own hands and solve a common problem that many people have when looking for English teaching jobs abroad.  Every “Teach English Abroad Now” guidebook is put together with a “boots on the ground” mentality meaning that we actually live, network, connect with real English teachers, and go through the process of getting an English teaching job in each city that we create a guide for.  Our mission is to provide you with a legitimate plan of action to getting English teaching jobs and making a living abroad.

Listen, I am passionate about helping people.  A few years ago, I was depressed as hell and really not enjoying life.  I was working the corporate grind and not getting any satisfaction out of what I was doing.  I knew I needed something more.  I made the decision to teach English abroad and the experience completely changed my life.  Nowadays, I am still living the life of my dreams but I am more passionate about helping others do the same thing.

I spend hundreds of hours working with expert advisors putting together our “Teach English Abroad Now” guidebooks and I can personally guarantee that the information you will find inside is unlike anything else that you will find anywhere.  We take the time to pack our guidebooks full of current information that you can actually use to get an English teaching job in your desired location.  We cannot guarantee that you will find employment, but we CAN guarantee that with our guides you’ll have the best shot.

Get busy crushing life!

Tommy Joiner, Founder Teach English Abroad Now


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