Me voy a Colombia….

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This is starting to feel silly.  In approximately thirteen hours time, I will have set foot in four different countries within the span of five days.  The amount of gratitude I have in my heart for being able to live my life like this is immense. I just finished a trip back to the United States in which I was able to see my family and some old friends in the great state of California.  Unfortunately, I couldn't make it back to Colorado this trek, but I am certainly feeling like I would like to see those Rocky Mountains again some time soon. I have experienced a wide variety of emotions since I landed in Los Angeles last Friday morning.  I've smiled, laughed, and cried multiple times over the past three days.  I cannot really express how thankful I am to have such unbelievable people in my life.  Being able to see my family all together and link up with friends in LA (that i have acquired literally from all over the world) was such a blessing.  It is great to see how people you have known for multiple years have grown and turned into such quality individuals. I am currently sitting at Gate 30 in Los Angeles, CA about to board a plane to Cartegena, Colombia to embark on something I have been dreaming about since I was a child.  I will spend the next six weeks participating in an intensive Spanish study course in order to prepare me for life in South America for the next two years.  On January 20th I will move to Medellín, Colombia where i will start graduate school and pursue a Masters Degree in International Business.  I have been on a long journey to put myself in the position I am in and I am humbled by how hard it was for me to get to this point in my life.  I have continued to dream and approach the next steps in my mortal voyage with confidence.  I have shed thousands of limiting beliefs over the past fifteen months and have come to realize that anything really is possible.  Onto the next episode...  

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  1. I love this blog. It’s all about moving and choosing the best for yourself. Going places and living the life is the best way to set yourself free from small thoughts about the world and society and start going big, looking big, feeling big. Then all you will keep creating is going to be BIG. Keep it up!!!

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