Maaaaaaaaan, it’s the simple things!

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The weather has turned in Masan recently and it's been quite warm in my apartment (like hot, sticky warm).  Outside of my apartment, really hot/ muggy weather is kind of gross but I can deal with it.  When I'm trying to sleep, however, dirty nasty sweat isn't something I'm trying to cuddle up with.  My air conditioner has been broken for the last week and my landlord finally sent a repairman over today to figure it out.  Turns out the problem was pretty simple and Mr. Fix it turned my sauna into an icebox within a matter of minutes.  Exciting stuff, huh? Anyway, the real reason I wrote this post is because when the repairman came into my apartment today we had about a fifteen minute conversation in Korean (albeit still a bit broken on my end but I'm trying).  The repair guy was a hoot and by the time he left we were both laughing pretty hard.  Laughter and smiles aside, the A/C dude made a comment to me as to how grateful he was that I reached out to him and tried to speak Korean.  He thanked me again and again until I had to push him out the door.  It's not that I can speak Korean well (I can't), but that I sat there in front of him looking like an idiot trying to speak to him in his own language; that's what made him happy.  It's amazing how far a little effort can go and how awesome it can make you feel when you put yourself out there. All smiles today.  Oh, and it's nice and breeeezy in the crib!!!!

One thought on “Maaaaaaaaan, it’s the simple things!

  1. This is the part of you that we like the most. kkk You always put yourself out there and try anything with us. and you are always ready to learn. Thats why we can do nothing but cheer you up. >.<

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