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Jinju Namgang Yudeung (Lantern) Festival (진주 남강유등축제)

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I shot this video last October but just now found the clips to put it together. Anyway, better late than never! The Jinju Lantern Festival takes place every fall in Korea and is a must see for anyone who can get over to it. See a little bit more information on the festival below: Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival originates from the lantern lighting custom used during the Jinjuseong Fortress Battle of the Imjinwaeran War (Japanese invasion, 1592) as a military strategy to prevent Japanese troops from wading the Namgang River. The highlights of the festival are the floating of lanterns carrying personal wishes of the citizens along the Namgang River, and the parade of lanterns created by the students themselves. In addition, the festival features gaejesik (lighting of lanterns in remembrance of the Jinjuseong Fortress Battle veterans), an exhibition of the world’s traditional lanterns, and many more participatory cultural programs.

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