How to make foreign language learning more effective with 10 online tools.

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How to make foreign language learning more effective with 10 online tools?

Learning foreign language has become needful for a variety of reasons. A foreign language tutor needs it to reach out every student of various countries. When it comes to the case of migrants, it reduces the impact of adjusting themselves with their new neighbors. It also enables breaking up the social barriers between nations. Any person likes to enjoy social and economic resources and this is possible only when he tries to learn a foreign language. For this he will start searching for free apps that teaches secondary languages. Here we are going to know about the top ten online tools which are meant exactly for that purpose.

1. Rosetta Stone

In the language learning industry, Rosetta Stone had laid its milestone among other competitors and had become the biggest brand. In spite of being costlier, it holds its roots upright among the foreign language teaching tools. This boxed software comes in pricing packages which ranging between £139 and £350 from beginner level to grade 5. Depending upon the language chosen one can stick to the learning schedule. Every level comes with user-friendly software, mp3 audio to learn even you are doing your works using a headset. This also features speech-recognition software, live online lessons, games and many apps.

2. Memrise

For those who are looking for a free, online and works on mobile platforms like the iOS and Android this would be the best choice. Many users had reviewed that this app is free, fun-oriented, focuses on memorization. It tries to attract the learner in a gaming way by awarding with points. If you have any online friends using this app, it will make you compete with them. This has made learning a new language easier with its memory tricks, images and other useful tools.

3. Duolingo

This is one such app which makes the learner experience a new feel like that he is playing some online game. The lessons come in the form of some challenges which creates enthusiasm among the learners. To enter into the higher lessons one need to complete the lower level lessons. It rewards with virtual currency with which you can buy extra bonus lives. This app is particularly useful to those who are on the move most of the time. Doling offers courses in many languages as of now, which is quite competing compared to the other contenders.

4. Livemocha

Livemocha created its own feature of teaching the foreign language in a live mode and at the same time for free. One can interact with a speaker of the chosen language who is a member of the Livemocha community. Due to this, a learner can have a feel of learning under a traditional teacher unlike a computer program. There is a facility to interact with other users online and can have a conversation with them. They will assist you in correcting while you learn the language. This app creates a thought in the learner that he/she had immersed into the language and with the country citizens.

5. Assignment Help

Being the best only online writing assistance, Essaymama will backup the new language learners with their professional writers who suggest tips on how to make the learning more interesting. They even advice with instant tips for the any foreign language learners. The online support is available 24x7 and they are more than happy to answer all the FAQ’s. This relieves all the burden you face when you are at the beginner level.

6. takes the learner directly into the world of the chosen language by immersing you in news, entertainment articles, sports and so on. They come in almost all the world’s top languages which are both traditional and are simplified too. If you come up with an unknown word while learning, just by double-clicking on it opens a popup box with two translations. Alongside you can hear the pronunciation which is the special feature of this app! The images that emerge next to definitions will make you smile thus being user-friendly.

7. Mango Premiere

If you love to watch movies and learn the language, then Mango Premier gives you the right option. This app is available online for free and at the libraries across the country. While the movie is audible in the chosen language, subtitles will roll over in English or in both languages as you wish. This will enable you to involve in the movie and at the same time learn your desired language in a more fashionable way. If you come across difficult words, you can pause the movie and can find the phonetic spelling or pronunciation or the meaning of the selected word.

8. Linkua

This is the meeting point of the real teachers who teach foreign languages. You can have the comfort of learning the language from the world teachers who are online. As a learner you learn the language with face-to-face situation and this creates more scope of learning the language quickly and easily. As this site provides the real humans to teach, they charge for the classes which have to be paid by the learner.

9. The BBC

BBC comes in the form of videos separately for each language. The course mostly contains some number of videos, key phrases and games. Besides, there will be weekly tips, other resources and worksheets as well. For beginners, it will offer weekly programs in the form of FIGS, where one can learn the basics and the script of the language. After finishing the course completely, you will be certified immediately.

10. Translator

When all other platforms help you learn foreign language on the go, this app will aid you in translating the words and even the sentences in as many as 53 languages! The important feature of this app is that you can just play the audio to the taxi driver if you are in a new country! It also comes up with full-screen mode, which you can show the word on your phone if you can’t pronounce it.

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