“Everyone’s scared…few carry on.”

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This afternoon as I was making good use of my time perusing Facebook, I came across the quote above and I liked it (a lot) so I decided to create a post on my blog about it (quote author to remain anonymous).  When I read this quote it made me think of my own life up to this point and what I want out of my future.  It's a little emotional for me to talk about the transformative journey that I've gone through over the last couple years, so I'll avoid the full story story for now (especially since the story's not over yet).  I will mention, however, that when I made the decision to move out of Colorado and discover my true potential as a human being, I was (naively and selfishly) scared as hell.  Over the last few years, I have made a series of calculated leaps to get myself where I want to be and I'm happy with how I have progressed.  The thing I have realized though, is that none of the progress I have made has been my doing, really.  For the most part, every time I have made a leap, someone has been there to catch me and push me along.  Everywhere I've been over the past two years, I have met warm souls that have assisted me in getting to the next step.  My faith in humanity has been completely restored and the former view I held that people can accomplish things on their own, has all but vanished.  I have learned that, indeed, "everyone is scared," but really there's no reason to be.  As I see it, fear serves as merely an indicator of something that you need to pursue....and once you pursue whatever it is that scares you the most, the rewards are insanely satisfying.  Not to mention that once you make the decision to conquer your fears, you'll realize how many people want to help you out. The next part of the quote, "few carry on," is equally worthwhile to dissect.  Throughout my life, I have been looked at as restless and perhaps a bit indecisive.  While my being restless and indecisive might be true, I feel that these two qualities are incorrectly labeled as a weakness within modern society.  The pressure to conform, settle, and start a career (no matter what it is) is sickening and I'm glad that I have forever escaped that way of thinking.  I see so many people in my generation fold and do "what's expected of them"; it's heartbreaking.  I know a large number of extremely capable people who have all but given up on life and settled with where they're at.  Sometimes continuing on and following your heart can be downright depressing but as long as you have confidence in the greater vision that you have established for yourself within the world, there's no reason not to move keep moving on. One foot in front of the other.    

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