Dog Cafes in Korea

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Here I go again, raving about the cafes in Korea.  I cannot help it!  It turns out, I am actually writing this post in one of my a favorite cafes in Masan right now.  Lol.  Anyway, the cafe culture in Korea is for real and there are many varieties you can choose from.  Yesterday I had the unique opportunity of visiting a dog cafe.  My friend had mentioned to me that there was a "pet cafe" in our city about a month ago but I had no clue where it was.  I ended up going to the dog cafe yesterday and had a really good time.  There were about fifteen different dogs running around and just as many Korean teenage girls screaming with excitement.  In addition, the cafe was surprisingly sanitary.  The women who operate the dog cafe in Masan basically follow around the dogs and take care of any "accidents" immediately.  All of the coffee served in the place comes with a lid in spill proof cup.  See the collage I put together below of me and a few friends enjoying some cafe lattes and playing with our canine pals.

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    1. correct. in fact, i also tried dog while i was there! didn’t like it much though. it’s actually illegal in the country now, however and only the old school guys do it!

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