I have officially been in South Korea for six months…wow.  I arrived in Masan in September of 2012 and the plan is to leave the country this September, 2013.  Quite honestly, if I had to leave this place now, I would be devastated.  I have developed a love for South Korea that’s not easy to explain to anyone that hasn’t lived here.  I was talking to a friend of mine on Skype today who recently finished up a teaching contract in Seoul and is currently…Continue Reading “Halftime, what comes next?”

Yet another fantastic thing that teaching English abroad has provided me with is the opportunity to read more often.  I’ve read more books in the time that I’ve been in Korea than I have in the past three years.  Not only have I been reading more, but I’ve been focusing on the quality of the literature that I’ve been digging into; sticking to recommendations from people I look up to and/ or books that I feel drawn to for one reason or another.  Additionally, I’ve been able…Continue Reading ““Don’t say that again. Life might be listening, and give you less the next time.””

Since I started in on this blog, I have really taken a liking to blogging.  In fact, I think blogging is awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of whether or not you’re traveling.  I’ve never written so extensively about my daily life before and I have found that through the process of keeping my life organized online and contributing to this blog every few days, I am a happier person.  I’ve realized that I have so much to be thankful for and although…Continue Reading “Blogging…..I like it, a lot”

This weekend I had the opportunity to catch up with a few friends and family members back home.  The conversations that I had got me to thinking, what has my decision to teach English abroad really done for me?  Quite honestly, teaching English abroad has done many amazing things for me but in this post, I will only list a few.  To me, South Korea has served as an island of enlightenment.  I think it’s imperative that at some point in every person’s life, they…Continue Reading “Find your Island”

Oftentimes, when something newsworthy happens in the United States, my students are the first people to let me know about it.  In fact, I don’t even really need to check the news because I know that whatever significant event has occurred, my students are going to fill me in (fortunately, this also includes Denver Nuggets updates from one of my students who is an avid NBA fan).  Recently, however, the news that my students have delivered has been grim, including the recent tragedy that took…Continue Reading “Learning from tragedy”

I’ve been in Korea for a month now and the time is quickly disappearing.  I feel as if I’ve been here forever yet I have no desire to see this part of my mortal journey come to an end anytime soon.  I am taking it all in one day at a time and enjoying the moment.  I’ve changed my perspective of the world by coming here to teach English and the experience has reinvigorated my zest for life and undoubtedly redirected my trajectory. I went…Continue Reading “"Beauty is not caused. It is." -Emily Dickinson”