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Back in the United States for a little bit and it’s been awesome, but also weird.  See a post that was inspired by my re entry below: ______________________________________________________________ Nothing has changed. You leave for two years and make your way back to the great nation that created you only to find that it is in an eerily similar state to the one it was in which you left it.  It is the same nation that provided you with an idea of your identity and the same democratic…Continue Reading “re·en·try”

As I was sitting on the plane on my way back to the USA from my new home in Medellin, Colombia (for my first extended stay in almost 24 months), I was inspired to put together a list of a few things (65 of them to be exact) that I have learned over the course of my journey that I would like to share with all those who are close to me. Thanks to all of the amazing people I have met and the impact you…Continue Reading “What I learned over the last 24 months of my life…”

Motivation comes and goes.  There are times in all of our lives when we feel like we can take over the world.  On the contrary, there are many times in our lives when we forget what it is that motivated us in the first place.  When I set off to teach English in Korea about a year and a half ago, I had a huge list of things that I wanted to accomplish for myself.  I am happy to report that I crushed all of…Continue Reading “A healthy reminder…..”

I am certainly overdue with a post on the blog updating my progress in Colombia.  I feel like I am finally getting settled into this wonderful country but it has not been without a couple bumps in the road.  Switching gears from my way of life in Korea, experiencing Indonesia for a month, and then plopping myself right into the thick of things in Colombia was a bit overwhelming, to say the least.  I have been studying at a private Spanish school in Cartagena for…Continue Reading “Nivel Avanzado???”

This is starting to feel silly.  In approximately thirteen hours time, I will have set foot in four different countries within the span of five days.  The amount of gratitude I have in my heart for being able to live my life like this is immense. I just finished a trip back to the United States in which I was able to see my family and some old friends in the great state of California.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it back to Colorado this trek,…Continue Reading “Me voy a Colombia….”

It all started with a one year contract teaching English in Korea.  About thirteen months ago, I decided to take my life overseas and get some real living in.  I am pleased to say that everything worked out and then some…I have decided to keep the journey going.  Next up, Indonesia.  As previously mentioned on my blog, I enrolled to partake in a marine conservation program for a month in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.  I am on my way there now.  I am currently sitting in…Continue Reading “And we are officially off….again!”

A good friend of mine is currently participating in an amazing program in which he is networking with entrepreneurs and all around awesome people in Santiago, Chile for three months.  The purpose of the program is more or less to teach people how to live life on their own terms, financially and otherwise….sort of like a Master’s degree in autonomy.  There was a suggested reading list of about 20 books for the aforementioned course and my friend was gracious enough to send it over to…Continue Reading “Don’t ever stop living…”

This upcoming weekend, I am especially lucky to have three of my best friends from college coming to visit me.  I am eagerly anticipating their arrival and I will leave for Seoul early this afternoon in order to meet them there.  One of my Korean friends is going to give me a ride to the Hongdae neighborhood in Seoul and we will meet my American friends there this evening.  As I reflect back on what I was doing a year ago, it is simply amazing…Continue Reading “Friends…in all places”

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau Call me crazy, but I’m with Thoreau on this one.  Looking back at the time I spent in college and the few years that I feel I wasted afterwards, it’s kind of depressing to think that I could have gotten started on this awesome life journey earlier.  Nonetheless, I’m glad I won’t be in a situation where I’ll wake up when I’m 40 and wonder where all the…Continue Reading “Making it happen…”

This afternoon as I was making good use of my time perusing Facebook, I came across the quote above and I liked it (a lot) so I decided to create a post on my blog about it (quote author to remain anonymous).  When I read this quote it made me think of my own life up to this point and what I want out of my future.  It’s a little emotional for me to talk about the transformative journey that I’ve gone through over the last couple years, so I’ll…Continue Reading ““Everyone’s scared…few carry on.””