How to make foreign language learning more effective with 10 online tools? Learning foreign language has become needful for a variety of reasons. A foreign language tutor needs it to reach out every student of various countries. When it comes to the case of migrants, it reduces the impact of adjusting themselves with their new neighbors. It also enables breaking up the social barriers between nations. Any person likes to enjoy social and economic resources and this is possible only when he tries to learn…Continue Reading “How to make foreign language learning more effective with 10 online tools.”

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I have a fair amount of experience teaching English.  I have shared numerous stories on here about lesson plans that I have used as well as experiences that I have had with my former students.  One of the things that I struggled with more than anything while teaching English was being able to effectively organize myself outside of class for the private lessons that I taught.  There are a TON of resources online that give you good material…Continue Reading “An AWESOME New Resource for English Teachers!”

It has been a few months since I moved on from my first English teaching assignment in South Korea.  Since then, I have volunteered in Indonesia, traveled extensively through Mexico and Colombia, and started a graduate school program at Universidad EAFIT in Medellin, Colombia.  I could not be happier with my current situation in life and I want the same for everyone else.  None of what I am doing would be possible though if it weren’t for the fact that I first decided to take…Continue Reading “Teach English in Korea, Save $25,000 in One Year, and Change Your Life!”

Recently, the internet has gone crazy about an article published in the Wall Street Journal regarding an English teacher in Korea who makes $4 million a year.  A link to the article can be found here: I wanted to comment on the aforementioned article a little bit on my blog to give people a better understanding about what the significance of this article really is (in my opinion, of course). Can you make a lot of money teaching English (or any subject) in Korea? Sure,…Continue Reading “$4 million a year…teaching English?”

I am about nine months into teaching English in Korea.  I am well settled in the academy that I work and I have had hundreds of different students in my classroom.  I teach all different levels of conversational English and I also have gained experience as a corporate English instructor at General Motors.  There are some things that I love about teaching English and some other things (one in particular) that I am not quite fond of.  In this brief post, I will outline a…Continue Reading “Teaching “Conversational English”, some pros and a con (really, I only have one con)”

*The following content was provided by Charlotte Jones.  Charlotte was gracious enough to reach out to me and put together a really great piece for the blog.  If anyone is interested in contacting her, please let me know and I can put you in touch.  Thanks, Charlotte! 5 advantages of teaching English in South Korea  Once you’ve made the decision to move abroad and teach English as a foreign language, you probably already have a destination in mind. I can imagine that there are few…Continue Reading “5 advantages of teaching English in South Korea (guest post by Charlotte Jones)”

Recently I was given the opportunity to teach English at GM in Korea.  It’s not too often that foreigners are aloud to contract work outside of their language academy while living here, but I lucked out because my employer has some connections. I started working at the main GM manufacturing facility in South Korea (Changwon City) yesterday and so far my experience there has been amazing.  I’ve only taught two classes but I’ve already made friends with my students and been invited for a group…Continue Reading “Teaching English at GM in Korea”

Before I came to Korea, I had little knowledge as to what teaching English in this country was all about (or what teaching English anywhere in the world was about, for that matter).  I have heard a lot of horror stories about people who have come to Korea and taught English in a Hagwon (private language academy, like mine) only to be fired right before their contract expired, lost their job in the middle of their contract, etc.  Those stories may all be true but…Continue Reading “Want to experience South Korea? Teach in a Hagwon”

I’m in the process of trying to help one of my friends line up a job in Korea and as I was taking a look at the available job boards online the other day, I came across a list that I have found to be pretty comprehensive.  Dave’s ESL Cafe is a great resource for all things teaching English and he has set up a great list of available teaching positions in Korea.  Check out the following link if you are interested and start your…Continue Reading “Looking for a job Teaching English in South Korea?”

See below for a question and answer session that I did with my friends over at International TEFL Academy.  Though I could add to this, it’s a decent picture of what it’s like to live in South Korea (Changwon area) and teach English. TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF! What is your citizenship? United States What city and state are you from? Carbondale, Colorado How old are you? 26 What is your education level and background? Bachelor’s Degree Have you traveled abroad in the past? Studied Abroad…Continue Reading “Teaching English and Living in Korea: Q&A”