On Friday, March 1st I had the day off of work so I decided to take a trip for the weekend.  This time I went by myself; I have really come to enjoy hitting the road solo for a number of reasons that I’ll go into in a future post.  I traveled to a town about two hours from where I live called Gyeong-ju to stay at a Buddhist temple called “Golgulsa” for a couple nights.  Most Buddhist temples in Korea have a program called…Continue Reading “Golgulsa (an unreal experience with Korean Buddhism)”

It’s not so often you get the opportunity to go paragliding, not for me anyway.  So I decided to take one of my students (Dong Jin) up on his offer to see Korea from a different vantage point.  Honestly, this scared me to death but right after I landed I wanted to go up and do it again.  There’s something amazing about being up in the air, just floating along with nothing between you and the wind but a silly looking jumpsuit.  I’ll be putting…Continue Reading “Paragliding in Korea”

Took a trip over to historic Jeonju with my buddy Changmin the other day and though I didn’t capture the entire thing on film, this video gives a good look at the awesome architecture in this city. I had a great time and will definitely be going back (maybe when it’s a little warmer next time). Located in the fertile Honam plain, famous for strawberries and exceptional produce, Jeonju has been an important regional center in the province for centuries. Once, the city was the…Continue Reading “Jeonju Video”

Shortly after I finished up with the Lunar New Year celebration, my buddy Changmin and I headed over to the historic town of Jeonju to check out the old school architecture, awesome coffee shops, and the delicious traditional food that this town has to offer. Definitely headed back if I get a chance.

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New Year’s Eve 2012 Busan Haeundae Beach (해운대)

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Although I don’t generally make it out to the clubs in Korea, I had to make an exception for New Year’s Eve.  A few friends and I headed over to 해운대 Beach in Busan and had a great time at CLUB HIVE.  Unfortunately, my camera memory filled up half way through the night so I didn’t capture everything on film.  I am bummed because the best part of the trip was watching the sunrise over the ocean early Tuesday morning.  Nonetheless, we had a great time.

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Haeinsa (해인사, 海印寺: Temple of the Ocean Mudra)

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I had work off yesterday due to the South Korean presidential election, so I headed over the Haeinsa temple with a few friends.  This was a fantastic experience and has encouraged me to learn more about Buddhism while I am in Korea. A little about Haeinsa: Haeinsa (해인사, 海印寺: Temple of the Ocean Mudra) is a head temple of the Jogye Order (대한불교조계종, 大韓佛敎 曹溪宗) of Korean Buddhism in the Gaya Mountains (가야산, 伽倻山), South Gyeongsang Province South Korea. Haeinsa is most notable for being…Continue Reading “Haeinsa (해인사, 海印寺: Temple of the Ocean Mudra)”

I just got back from an epic trip up to High 1 Ski Resort for the weekend.  My co-teacher and I rented a van and jetted up to the hills with about 12 other students.  We rented a condo up at the mountain and were also able to rent all of our gear upon arrival.  Those of you reading this post that know me are undoubtedly smiling right now at the fact that I never really went snowboarding while I lived in Colorado…..well, things change,…Continue Reading “Snowboarding in Korea (plus a whole lotta crab)”

Prior to coming to South Korea, I heard many great things about Seoul but really didn’t know that much about the city.  Having now been in South Korea for two months, I felt that Seoul was calling my name and decided to take a trip up North this past weekend.  My experience was fantastic and I will definitely be heading back that way sooner than later.    Seoul Arts Center.  Currently hosting a Van Gogh exhibit.Current lineup at the Seoul Arts Center.Noryangjin Fish Market in…Continue Reading “Seoul”