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Patbingsu 팥빙수

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Man, oh man.  It is summer time in Korea and it is hot!  The monsoon season has come to an end and the weather is uncomfortably warm.  Not to worry, though.  There many awesome things about summer in Korea and dessert time is one of them. I have gone on and on to my family and friends about how awesome the cafes are in Korea and that’s no joke.  One of my favorite things to enjoy on a hot afternoon is the local favorite, patbingsu…Continue Reading “Patbingsu 팥빙수”

Took a trip over to Busan last weekend with one of my best buddies from Masan and had the opportunity to meet up with one of my friends from the states who currently lives in Seoul.  We spent some time at Haeundae Beach and then made it over to another nearby hangout place called, Gwangalli.  Had a great time experiencing a little bit of summer culture in Busan.

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장어 Jang-uh (grilled eel)

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I didn’t set out to be a crazy food eating dude before I came to Korea, but I have certainly become one.  While I follow a pretty normal dietary routine when I am eating alone, eating out with friends is a whole different story.  This past weekend I had the opportunity to grub down on some grilled eel.  Typically, 장어 “Jang-uh” is thought of as a stamina food and is primarily eaten by Korean men (some ladies too).  Don’t forget to order at least a…Continue Reading “장어 Jang-uh (grilled eel)”

Before I came to Korea, I knew very little about this country.  As it stands, I am no expert on “the land of the morning calm,” but I know a whole lot more about South Korea than I did before.  I often think to myself that Korea gets heavily overlooked as a tourist destination.  I highly recommend Korea as a travel spot.  Korea is far more than a land of English teachers and in this post I will highlight four reasons why you should consider…Continue Reading “The great unknown…four reasons to visit Korea!”

I’ll admit, I haven’t updated this thing nearly enough over the past couple months and I am motivated to get back to providing more exciting updates on my life abroad.  I still really enjoy blogging but it seems as more and more time goes by, I run out of things to write up.  I have become extremely accustomed to living in Korea, and while that is cool for a number of reasons, it is not conducive to providing me with cool things to put on…Continue Reading “A trip to Chang-dong”

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장마 Korean Monsoons!

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Man, it’s wet in Korea these days.  I am not thrilled at all when I walk outside and have to step through puddle after puddle on my way to work.  Could be worse, I suppose.  At least it is warm outside.  Makes it kind of gross when it is REALLY hot out and raining at the same time though….literally feels like being trapped in a hot humidifier. July in Korea marks the start of the rainy season.  Apparently it rains for a month straight.  Such…Continue Reading “장마 Korean Monsoons!”

*The following content was provided by Charlotte Jones.  Charlotte was gracious enough to reach out to me and put together a really great piece for the blog.  If anyone is interested in contacting her, please let me know and I can put you in touch.  Thanks, Charlotte! 5 advantages of teaching English in South Korea  Once you’ve made the decision to move abroad and teach English as a foreign language, you probably already have a destination in mind. I can imagine that there are few…Continue Reading “5 advantages of teaching English in South Korea (guest post by Charlotte Jones)”

The weather has turned in Masan recently and it’s been quite warm in my apartment (like hot, sticky warm).  Outside of my apartment, really hot/ muggy weather is kind of gross but I can deal with it.  When I’m trying to sleep, however, dirty nasty sweat isn’t something I’m trying to cuddle up with.  My air conditioner has been broken for the last week and my landlord finally sent a repairman over today to figure it out.  Turns out the problem was pretty simple and…Continue Reading “Maaaaaaaaan, it’s the simple things!”

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Tongyeong 통영

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Took a little trip to neighboring city, Tongyeong (통영) the other day. Had a really great time with my big brother around these parts, Kim Kang. We took a gondola trip that allowed us to catch a good view of Hallyeo Marine National Park and then headed over to Dongpirang Village, which is a village in Tongyeong full of awesome wall art.

Recently I was given the opportunity to teach English at GM in Korea.  It’s not too often that foreigners are aloud to contract work outside of their language academy while living here, but I lucked out because my employer has some connections. I started working at the main GM manufacturing facility in South Korea (Changwon City) yesterday and so far my experience there has been amazing.  I’ve only taught two classes but I’ve already made friends with my students and been invited for a group…Continue Reading “Teaching English at GM in Korea”