Back to school! Voy a regresar a escuela!!!

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Wow.  Buenos dias.  Como estamos?  Que mas?  What an odd feeling.  I am sitting in a cafe in my new hometown of Medellin, Colombia getting ready to head over to Universidad EAFIT where I will be studying to get a Master in International Business over the next two years.  Though I got accepted to this university about a year ago, it is kind of surreal that I am actually about to get started on this next phase of my life. I have had a lot of people ask me why I came to Colombia to continue my studies and I have a lot of different answers...none of which I care to share in this post.  More than anything, I am super excited to be here and I feel like I am at the right place in my life. For the past three weeks, I have been living with a great group of entrepreneurial dudes who have a ton of awesome projects going on and they have no doubt inspired me to create some things myself.  In fact, I am in the process of launching an eBook that is going to help people get a job teaching English in Korea...something I am super passionate about.  More on that later.  De todos modos, I recently decided to move out of the entrepreneur compound to live with some other international students closer to Universidad EAFIT.  I will be moving into my new spot this afternoon if all goes well.  I will be posted up with an Australian, a Brasilian, and a dude from Argentina....en nuestra casa solo se habla español entonces espero que vaya a mejorar mi español mucho! I definitely have not moved any mountains during the last 16 months or so abroad, but I have proven a lot to myself.  I never thought I would be capable of moving from country to country and finding a way to fit in so easily.  If you have read my blog at all in the past, you know that I believe in people and that I have a lot of faith in humanity.  If I have learned one thing, it is that no matter where you go in life there will always be someone to help you out.  The important thing is that you are ready to return the favor anytime you get the chance. Wish me luck as I move forward with la vida en COLOMBIA!!!!!! "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." Ronald Reagan  

One thought on “Back to school! Voy a regresar a escuela!!!

  1. How can a Colombian like me, say to an “almost-caisa-ex-foreigner” like you that all your very hearty comments and experiences make me happy about your stay? But more than that, how can a “bogotanian-by-force-oflife” is in pain cause you are there being a better person, and i am stuck in this grey capital city, half an hour on plane from yours, and not being able to move there, partly cause my personal prejudice from the old safety chaos I had to withstand long time ago, and part because starrting again is hard for an old dude like me?

    Hope your kids grow there, and you become wiser and hapier, since it is so hard to have a well balanced life where love, work, friends and experiences make you be thankful each morning in such a way that your first deep breathe of the day gives you a powerful drive to be anxious and expect the best for your next great day! Ganbare!

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