And we are officially off….again!

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It all started with a one year contract teaching English in Korea.  About thirteen months ago, I decided to take my life overseas and get some real living in.  I am pleased to say that everything worked out and then some...I have decided to keep the journey going.  Next up, Indonesia.  As previously mentioned on my blog, I enrolled to partake in a marine conservation program for a month in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.  I am on my way there now.  I am currently sitting in the Jakarta airport waiting to take a domestic flight to Ujung Pandang.  From Ujung, I will hop on another flight to Sorong, West Papau.  In Sorong I will meet up with the program coordinator and from there we will take a ferry to an island called Wasai...I'm pretty sure that's the name anyway.  Once I arrive on the island we will be scuba diving twice a day on missions to monitor the local manta ray population as well as some other things that I haven't been informed of yet....pretty sick right? Right now I am ridiculously tired but I am so stoked to be adding another fruitful experience to my life that I cannot sleep.  On top of that, I smell like ass and sleeping in my filth sounds grosser than living with it.  It is looking like I am going to have to go 48 hours without a shower.  Lol.  I guess that's just part of the deal.  There are way fewer foreigners in Indonesia than there are in Korea so everyone here is staring at it my stench?  Ughhhhh. Anyway, this post is to serve as the first of many to come about the next month of my life in Indonesia.  I will be updating the blog regularly again as I now have more new experiences to write about.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to have an enormous amount of positivity in my life as of late and I want to share it.  When I left the states, I decided I was just going to start pushing myself in the direction of my dreams.....the amount of prosperity I have experienced in every way over the past year is a true testament to the fact that your thoughts become things and we can truly become whatever we want to be.  I'm living my dreams already...and I'm just getting started...

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  1. Love the blog Tommy and am so glad you stuck with it. Can’t wait to read the posts about the diving experiences. Love you!

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