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Anyone who reads this blog knows that I have a fair amount of experience teaching English.  I have shared numerous stories on here about lesson plans that I have used as well as experiences that I have had with my former students.  One of the things that I struggled with more than anything while teaching English was being able to effectively organize myself outside of class for the private lessons that I taught.  There are a TON of resources online that give you good material but it still takes a tremendous amount of time to put together quality lesson plans when you are teaching private English classes on your own. The other day I had a friend call me and ask for help with exactly this issue.  He currently teaches English in China and was wondering what type of material that I used to use when I taught private lessons.  I shared with him some stuff I still have saved in a folder and that I had complied previously.  After I shared some information with my buddy via Google Drive, I wondered again if there was a better way for people to do this... Enter  As fate would have it, shortly after the previously described phone call that I had with my friend, I was introduced to a new site put together by some awesome dudes in Canada (with a background in ESL, TEFL, etc.) named James and Kris.  I didn't know either one of these guys before checking out the site, so I assure you my review is one hundred percent objective. What I like about is that it was created to help solve the EXACT dilemma that I described above.  In a nutshell, basically provides lesson plans for teachers who need organized material for private lessons but do not have the time to do so on their own.  The serious advantage of using a site like is that it saves a ridiculous amount of time.  The site offers readymade English learning material and lesson plans that are incredibly easy to follow.  Literally, English teachers can just plug into and go.  No stress with prepping for that extra side class you just picked up, simply use the material provided to you directly from and you'll be teaching an awesomely effective English class to your private students in no time!  If I had a resource available to me like this while I was teaching English then I would have been able to significantly increase my side income.  Highly HIGHLY recommend anyone out there who is teaching to take advantage of this incredible compilation of AWESOMENESS put together by James and Kris!  Check out the site here:
Happy teaching!

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