Thanks for checking out my site!  If you're interested in contacting me, please send me an email.  I can be reached at tommy (at)  You can also follow me on Twitter @lifeabroadTJ. I respond to all emails as soon as possible. -Tommy J

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  1. Hi, Great blog! Enjoying your posts and Well done coming 8th very well deserved!

    I was wondering if you were using any tools or software while teaching English? Or are you teaching by using textbooks?

    1. Thanks for the comment! I primarily use textbooks for my classes but I incorporate a lot of different listening exercises from the internet, Youtube, and what have you. I am always looking for new things to keep my students engaged but I find that having a textbook to follow makes it easier to organize my lessons.

  2. Tommy Mate! How have you been!? Hows colombia treating you? Just stumbled upon your website whilst thinking about the white sandy beaches and clear blue waters of Raja Ampat! Quite a reminiscent read of all the things you went through with us there! Brought a smile to my face!

    Any plans on coming out to London any time soon?


    1. My man. I just saw this comment and realized who it was. LOL. I will ne in the UK early 2015 most likely and will for sure look you up!!! I hope you are doing well!

  3. Hi

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  4. I am seeking an english tutor in Changwon.
    I am a patent attorney, male, 56 years old.
    My home and main office are in Seoul. In Changwon is my branch office.
    I work in Changwon 2 or 3 days a week irregulary. Sometimes I spend weekend in Changwon.
    I read english relatively well. But I am poor in listening and speaking english, so want to train english free talking.
    Could you be a tutor for me, or introduce your friend good to teach me.
    Contact me through email or phone(010-3721-0509).
    Looking forward hearing from you.

  5. Hey Tommy
    I am currently teaching English in Korea and thinking of teaching in Colombia next. Any advice or help as to how to get a teaching post there? I know a lot of sites mention just rocking up there and looking for one. However i am a bit uneasy about doing that.

  6. Hi Tommy!

    Hope all is well. My name is Michael Morano and I recently competed the TEFL course with International TEFL Academy.

    I am leaving for Medellín, Colombia is about a month or so and was hoping you could steer me in the right direction with regards to job hunting upon arrival. In fact, any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!

    Hope to hear back from you soon!



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