I'll admit, I haven't updated this thing nearly enough over the past couple months and I am motivated to get back to providing more exciting updates on my life abroad.  I still really enjoy blogging but it seems as more and more time goes by, I run out of things to write up.  I have become extremely accustomed to living in Korea, and while that is cool for a number of reasons, it is not conducive to providing me with cool things to put on the blog (not to say that everyday I don't do something awesome).  I did have a cool experience yesterday that I wanted to share, however. On Sunday afternoon, a few students and I took a trip to a really neat little spot of Masan called Chang-Dong.  Chang-Dong is a small area of the city that was recently renovated and turned into a place for artists to display their work.  There are also a few little cafes and an awesome place to get chocolate.  Chang-Dong has become one of my favorite places to "get away" in Masan when I want a little bit of a change of pace.  Masan is an awesome place to live but it doesn't have a ton of things to offer to tourists (foreign tourists, especially).  If you are with a local though, Masan has a bunch of hidden gems and Chang-Dong is definitely one of my favorite among them.  Right next to Chang-Dong there is also a pretty sweet Mexican restaurant called (wait for it...) "Mexico!"  The wife of the owner of the Mexican restaurant is actually from Mexico and the food is pretty legit.  Additionally, there is a famous restaurant nearby Chang-Dong where my students and I enjoyed some samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup/ delicious-see picture below) that is said to be the best in the city (I do not know the name of the restaurant though, doesn't matter-you're not coming to Masan anyway-but if you do, I'll take you!). Hanging out in one of my favorite parts of Masan with my students yesterday was awesome.  I literally almost come to tears sometimes when I am hanging out with my Korean friends/ students and think about leaving this country in October.  It's as if I am actually living in nostalgia and already replaying the memories of my time in this country (does that make sense?).  See another picture below that can give you a little insight as to how much fun my students and I had yesterday and how much this whole experience/ the people I have met in Korea mean to me.

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