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Motivation comes and goes.  There are times in all of our lives when we feel like we can take over the world.  On the contrary, there are many times in our lives when we forget what it is that motivated us in the first place.  When I set off to teach English in Korea about a year and a half ago, I had a huge list of things that I wanted to accomplish for myself.  I am happy to report that I crushed all of my goals for 2013 with lots of time to spare.  I had never been in a position before where I had completed all of the concrete goals I had set for myself within such a short period of time.  As soon as I finished with the goals I had set for myself, however, I found myself a little lost again.  I had saved the amount of money required for my next move, I got accepted to graduate school, and I got accepted to a volunteer program that I had my eyes on for quite some time.  I achieved everything I wanted, but I did not really know where to go next.  I am ashamed to say that the period of idleness described above lasted for a few months.  Up until last week, I could not think past the next day and I was not necessarily stoked to wake up every morning.  Something was missing.  I lost my vision for the future and I did not know how to get it back.  I wanted my passion back, I started digging deep, and revamped my meditation routine.  Something sparked inside of me again and I never want it to dissapear again.  I SET SOME NEW GOALS!!!!  Currently, I am a few weeks away from starting a program to obtain a Masters Degree in International Business at Universidad EAFIT in Medellin, Colombia and I am amped to get myself settled in the city of eternal spring to start my new life there.  STAY UP.  STAY MOTIVATED.  AND GRIND THROUGH!!!!!!  I will close this post with a quote from my man, THE ROCK... "Think back 5 yrs ago. Think of where you’re at today. Think ahead 5 yrs and what you want to accomplish. Be Unstoppable." - Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

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