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장마 Korean Monsoons!

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Man, it's wet in Korea these days.  I am not thrilled at all when I walk outside and have to step through puddle after puddle on my way to work.  Could be worse, I suppose.  At least it is warm outside.  Makes it kind of gross when it is REALLY hot out and raining at the same time though....literally feels like being trapped in a hot humidifier. July in Korea marks the start of the rainy season.  Apparently it rains for a month straight.  Such a total waste of summer, in my opinion....and everyone else's.  According to Wikipedia, the East Asian monsoon is a monsoonal flow that carries moist air from the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean to East Asia. It affects approximately one-third of the global population, influencing the climate of Japan (including Okinawa), the KoreasTaiwanHong KongMacau, the PhilippinesIndo-China, and much of mainland China. It is driven by temperature differences between theAsian continent and the Pacific Ocean. The East Asian monsoon is known as jangma (장마) in Korea. In Japan the monsoon boundary is referred to as the bai-u as it advances northward during the spring, while it is referred to as theshurin when the boundary retreats back southward during the autumn months.[1] Over Japan and Korea, the monsoon boundary typically takes the form of a quasi-stationary front separating the cooler air mass associated with the Okhotsk High to the north from the hot, humid air mass associated with the subtropical ridge to the south.

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