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비진도 (Bijin Island)….better than the rest

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Last weekend I visited yet another place in Korea that I absolutely fell in love with.  비진도 (Bijin Island) has now climbed to the top of my list for hidden gems in Korea, and I'll give you three reasons why you should consider visiting this place if you are travelling in Korea. 1.) Uniquely picturesque: 비진도 (Bijin Island) is located in the southwest sea of Korea, just a 40 minute ferry ride away from a bigger city called Tongyeong.  Bijin Island is basically a small cluster of mountains connected by a narrow strip of land that divides the ocean.  In 비진도 (Bijin Island) tourists can fish on one side of the divide or chill on the beach on the other.  The unique landscape makes this place simply gorgeous at anytime of the day. Scenery of Bijin Island 2.) Not crowded Unlike the bigger tourist areas in Korea, Bijin Island is relatively unknown and takes a little bit more effort to get to.  For that reason, there aren't nearly as many people that travel here.  If you are looking to escape the more crowded areas of Jeju Island or get away from the madness in Busan, hit this place up. 3.) Sleeping arrangements, no biggie! Although finding sleeping arrangements while travelling in Korea is usually no big deal, at Bijin Island, it's even easier.  There are a number of options for pensions and minboks (like a hostel but with private rooms) that you can stay at but you don't even need to plan that far ahead.  If you're looking for a last minute trip on a budget, just pitch a tent and crash on the beach.  You can camp at Bijin Island for free!    

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