How to make foreign language learning more effective with 10 online tools.

How to make foreign language learning more effective with 10 online tools?

Learning foreign language has become needful for a variety of reasons. A foreign language tutor needs it to reach out every student of various countries. When it comes to the case of migrants, it reduces the impact of adjusting themselves with their new neighbors. It also enables breaking up the social barriers between nations. Any person likes to enjoy social and economic resources and this is possible only when he tries to learn a foreign language. For this he will start searching for free apps that teaches secondary languages. Here we are going to know about the top ten online tools which are meant exactly for that purpose.

1. Rosetta Stone

In the language learning industry, Rosetta Stone had laid its milestone among other competitors and had become the biggest brand. In spite of being costlier, it holds its roots upright among the foreign language teaching tools. This boxed software comes in pricing packages which ranging between £139 and £350 from beginner level to grade 5. Depending upon the language chosen one can stick to the learning schedule. Every level comes with user-friendly software, mp3 audio to learn even you are doing your works using a headset. This also features speech-recognition software, live online lessons, games and many apps.

2. Memrise

For those who are looking for a free, online and works on mobile platforms like the iOS and Android this would be the best choice. Many users had reviewed that this app is free, fun-oriented, focuses on memorization. It tries to attract the learner in a gaming way by awarding with points. If you have any online friends using this app, it will make you compete with them. This has made learning a new language easier with its memory tricks, images and other useful tools.

3. Duolingo

This is one such app which makes the learner experience a new feel like that he is playing some online game. The lessons come in the form of some challenges which creates enthusiasm among the learners. To enter into the higher lessons one need to complete the lower level lessons. It rewards with virtual currency with which you can buy extra bonus lives. This app is particularly useful to those who are on the move most of the time. Doling offers courses in many languages as of now, which is quite competing compared to the other contenders.

4. Livemocha

Livemocha created its own feature of teaching the foreign language in a live mode and at the same time for free. One can interact with a speaker of the chosen language who is a member of the Livemocha community. Due to this, a learner can have a feel of learning under a traditional teacher unlike a computer program. There is a facility to interact with other users online and can have a conversation with them. They will assist you in correcting while you learn the language. This app creates a thought in the learner that he/she had immersed into the language and with the country citizens.

5. Assignment Help

Being the best only online writing assistance, Essaymama will backup the new language learners with their professional writers who suggest tips on how to make the learning more interesting. They even advice with instant tips for the any foreign language learners. The online support is available 24×7 and they are more than happy to answer all the FAQ’s. This relieves all the burden you face when you are at the beginner level.

6. takes the learner directly into the world of the chosen language by immersing you in news, entertainment articles, sports and so on. They come in almost all the world’s top languages which are both traditional and are simplified too. If you come up with an unknown word while learning, just by double-clicking on it opens a popup box with two translations. Alongside you can hear the pronunciation which is the special feature of this app! The images that emerge next to definitions will make you smile thus being user-friendly.

7. Mango Premiere

If you love to watch movies and learn the language, then Mango Premier gives you the right option. This app is available online for free and at the libraries across the country. While the movie is audible in the chosen language, subtitles will roll over in English or in both languages as you wish. This will enable you to involve in the movie and at the same time learn your desired language in a more fashionable way. If you come across difficult words, you can pause the movie and can find the phonetic spelling or pronunciation or the meaning of the selected word.

8. Linkua

This is the meeting point of the real teachers who teach foreign languages. You can have the comfort of learning the language from the world teachers who are online. As a learner you learn the language with face-to-face situation and this creates more scope of learning the language quickly and easily. As this site provides the real humans to teach, they charge for the classes which have to be paid by the learner.

9. The BBC

BBC comes in the form of videos separately for each language. The course mostly contains some number of videos, key phrases and games. Besides, there will be weekly tips, other resources and worksheets as well. For beginners, it will offer weekly programs in the form of FIGS, where one can learn the basics and the script of the language. After finishing the course completely, you will be certified immediately.

10. Translator

When all other platforms help you learn foreign language on the go, this app will aid you in translating the words and even the sentences in as many as 53 languages! The important feature of this app is that you can just play the audio to the taxi driver if you are in a new country! It also comes up with full-screen mode, which you can show the word on your phone if you can’t pronounce it.

Julie Petersen is a private English language tutor and a blogger, who features the latest career and educational trends in her articles. At present time she is running her educational blog and working on her first ebook dedicated to online learning.

How to Conquer Your Fears and Teach English Abroad (Guest Post by Mark Johnson)

Does the thought of jetting to a foreign land to start a new life fill you with excitement, or dread? If you’d love to travel the world, or try a new career, but just thinking about the prospect gives you the jitters, then this post is for you.

You shouldn’t let your fears get the best of you – and thankfully, you don’t have to! With a little inspiration, a touch of bravery, and the support of a fantastic online community, you can venture into the world with a smile on your face and enjoy a brand new experience – even if you’re the world’s biggest scaredy-cat. Here’s how…

Step 1: Realise everyone is scared

Even the most confident people get nervous every once in a while – some people are just better at hiding it than others. You can bet your bottom dollar that even that friend of yours who constantly posts photos of their skydiving experiences on Facebook gets a little scared of certain things. The point is that they do those things anyway.

Once you’ve understood that everyone – and I mean everyone – gets a little scared now and again, it will help you to put your own fears in perspective and realise that they’re just emotions, and they’re nothing to be frightened of. And you can totally get a handle on them.

Step 2: Write down a list of the worst possible scenarios

This might seem counter intuitive, but one way to deal with fears is to face them. Are you worried that you’ll find it hard to make friends? Or that you won’t be able to speak the language of the country you’re staying in?

When you’ve identified exactly what it is that you’re frightened of, you can take steps to prevent that particular thing from happening, and figure out how you might deal with problems if they do arise. Why not take a night class in Spanish if you’ll be going to a Spanish-speaking country; or take some time to remember how easy it was to make friends with your existing chums?

And sometimes, just properly identifying your fears makes them less scary. So what if you aren’t totally fluent in the lingo straight away? You’ll pick it up. What’s scarier is the prospect that you might miss out on a fantastic experience because of a few nerves, and regret it later on…

Step 3: Get inspired

Now that you’ve dealt with the particular issues you’re worried about, it’s time to look on the bright side. There is a multitude of reasons why teaching English abroad is fantastic, and the internet is full of brilliant blogs about the experience that are a joy to read.

Once you’ve spent a few minutes (which can easily turn into a good hour or two… trust me) browsing the gorgeous photos and reading the wonderful stories that TEFL teachers have to share, you’ll feel so inspired that you might even forget that you were ever scared in the first place.

TeacherAisling has some stunning photographs on her blog, and TeachingJack’s enthusiasm for travelling and teaching really shines through in his posts. There are hundreds of blogs to look through, though – type TEFL blog into your search engine and take a look. There’s bound to be someone teaching in your dream country who has written about their experiences online.

Step 4: Know you’re not alone

Thanks to the internet, you will always be able to get in touch with someone that can offer support, whether you need teaching resources or a listening ear. And even offline, you’ll have a support network in the form of your school, which many TEFL teachers say becomes like a second family.

Step 5: Bite the bullet

Generally, you’re only really scared of something until you go ahead and do it. So be brave! Once you’ve got that first TEFL lesson under your belt, you’ll feel so proud of your achievements that your fears will be a distant memory, and you can get on with enjoying your TEFL experience.

So, how should you go about starting your TEFL adventure?

  • Get qualified. You’ll need a TEFL certification course to be able to teach English abroad.

  • Decide on your country of choice. Do some research to find your dream destination – EssentialTravel, ICAL TEFL and Lonely Planet are good places to start.

  • Find a job. There are lots of resources online to help with this – Dave’s ESL Café is famous in the TEFL community for its job boards and teaching resources.

  • Get out there! With your TEFL training and a job lined up, all that’s left is for you to do is enjoy your travels!


Completing a TEFL and venturing abroad to begin a teaching career is a truly life changing experience, which – apart from creating some fantastic memories and enabling you to explore the world – will help to build your confidence. And with your newfound confidence, the world really is your oyster. Once you’ve beaten your fears once, you’ll be able to do it again and again.

An AWESOME New Resource for English Teachers!

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I have a fair amount of experience teaching English.  I have shared numerous stories on here about lesson plans that I have used as well as experiences that I have had with my former students.  One of the things that I struggled with more than anything while teaching English was being able to effectively organize myself outside of class for the private lessons that I taught.  There are a TON of resources online that give you good material but it still takes a tremendous amount of time to put together quality lesson plans when you are teaching private English classes on your own.

The other day I had a friend call me and ask for help with exactly this issue.  He currently teaches English in China and was wondering what type of material that I used to use when I taught private lessons.  I shared with him some stuff I still have saved in a folder and that I had complied previously.  After I shared some information with my buddy via Google Drive, I wondered again if there was a better way for people to do this…

Enter  As fate would have it, shortly after the previously described phone call that I had with my friend, I was introduced to a new site put together by some awesome dudes in Canada (with a background in ESL, TEFL, etc.) named James and Kris.  I didn’t know either one of these guys before checking out the site, so I assure you my review is one hundred percent objective.

What I like about is that it was created to help solve the EXACT dilemma that I described above.  In a nutshell, basically provides lesson plans for teachers who need organized material for private lessons but do not have the time to do so on their own.  The serious advantage of using a site like is that it saves a ridiculous amount of time.  The site offers readymade English learning material and lesson plans that are incredibly easy to follow.  Literally, English teachers can just plug into and go.  No stress with prepping for that extra side class you just picked up, simply use the material provided to you directly from and you’ll be teaching an awesomely effective English class to your private students in no time!  If I had a resource available to me like this while I was teaching English then I would have been able to significantly increase my side income.  Highly HIGHLY recommend anyone out there who is teaching to take advantage of this incredible compilation of AWESOMENESS put together by James and Kris!  Check out the site here:

Happy teaching!



Back in the United States for a little bit and it’s been awesome, but also weird.  See a post that was inspired by my re entry below:

Nothing has changed.

You leave for two years and make your way back to the great nation that created you only to find that it is in an eerily similar state to the one it was in which you left it.  It is the same nation that provided you with an idea of your identity and the same democratic state that enabled you to live like you have over the past 24 months – traveling all over the world.  It’s the same place it always has been and while you certainly have a new appreciation for the United States, something is freaking you out about the Land of the Free/ Home of the Brave.

Nothing is different.

Sure, people are a couple years older and some of your friends have even gotten married.  A few of your previous amigos have made babies.  But they haven’t grown like you.  You can’t relate on the same level anymore.

Regrettably, it seems your former associates still haven’t even gotten to the point where they are interested in mental expansion, of any sort.  It’s not arrogance or a lack of humility on your part, it just is what it is.  These….people….they aren’t you anymore, or at least that’s what you think.

The previous statements are an unfiltered version of the thoughts that I have had over the past few weeks after returning to Colorado for the first time in over 700 days.  Undoubtedly, the somewhat cynical sentiments I have expressed here are shared with scores of other travelers, adventurers, and thrill seekers who undergo the process of re entry to their home country after a long time on the road.  

Prolonged life abroad.  It really does change you forever.  Once you have lived at least semi permanently in other parts of the world, your perspective will never be the same.  You will never be the same.  So how do you function back in the United States in your current state?  For me, it’s about accepting the now.

Let me explain:

“Being present” and “living for the moment” are catch phrases that we’ve all heard a lot in recent times and I anticipate that although they may be a bit generic, these slogans will become increasingly more important to really understand as we progress further towards the greatest shift in human consciousness that has ever taken place.  Being able to look at the now and at everything around you with complete objectivity is truly the only way to set yourself free and a viable strategy for any ex-pat undergoing the process of re entry to their home country.

Pulling from the work of Eckhart Tolle and applying some of the core concepts from his book, “The Power of Now,” can help travelers understand a few things that will undoubtedly be of great assistance to them upon re entry to their home countries after a long time on the road.

Here are a few things travelers need to understand to put the “now” strategy into play in order to to help themselves with successful re entry to the United States (or home country):

1.) Ironically enough, the feeling of separateness that you have and the fact that you cannot relate to people on the same level anymore when you first arrive back in your home country is a complete reflection of the fact that your ego may have actually become a little more powerful during your time abroad.  Accepting the fact that the feeling of separateness you have isn’t really you (it’s your ego) and coming to terms with the fact that you are no better or worse than the people around you is essential.  Although generally people who travel are very open-minded, too often those who have become so accustomed to living on the road develop a sense of pride when they come back home to the point where they actually think they’re better than others who haven’t done what they’ve done or seen what they’ve seen.  The truth is, you’re no better (or worse) than anyone nor will you ever be.  It’s just a fact.  Come to terms with it.

2.) The initial point that I made about the perceived feeling of separateness upon initial re entry is important to talk about a little more in depth.  In addition to realizing that you are no better or worse than anyone that you interact with when you unpack your bags for the first time back in your native land after a long period of time, it is even more important to realize that, in fact, they are you and you are them.  Separateness is a complete illusion, we are all one and there is only a single great source of unity.  The sooner you learn to look at every human being (even unenlightened beings) the same way you look at everything, the better off you’ll be.  Adopting this viewpoint will make your life a whole lot easier the first time you run into someone who seems a little less “uncultured” than you during your initial phase of re entry.

3.) Another thing that helps tremendously when adjusting to being back in your home country is learning and truly understanding that all we ever have is the present moment.  This is especially important for people who travel because often we give ourselves way too many pats on the back for the number of countries that we’ve traveled to or the awesome experiences that we’ve had, in the past.  Realizing that your past is no more relevant than your future and that all we really have is the current moment in time will help you to gain the perspective you need to easily adjust to being back home.  True adoption of this strategy will result in a lot less stress and apprehension.  Although the “travel bug” will probably come back to bite you again sooner or later, keeping in mind that all we ever have is the now will help you keep yourself in check the next time you’re looking to make your big escape.

4.) In addition to fully accepting and living in the present moment, it is also of the utmost importance to practice a consistent state of inner being.  When you come back home for the first time in a while, take a look around and smell the roses.  Look at the trees or the concrete jungle that surrounds you and really try and accept it for what it is.  Find beauty in the nature and modern marvels of human architecture that you have available to you at this present time.  Try and look at everything objectively without assigning names to objects or identifying things with the words people have given to them over time.  Just let everything be and if you practice this long enough you’ll achieve a proper perspective that will be of great assistance to you throughout the process of re entry.  Adopting a consistent habit of meditation 1-2 times a day will most certainly help you realize this more quickly.

There are undoubtedly other ways to achieve the desired result of seamless and successful re entry to your home country after a long period of time abroad….the “now” strategy outlined above is just one of them.  The end goal for any traveler making their way back to the United States or to their native country after an extended absence, however, should ultimately be to accept what is without judgement and learn to live with objectivity.  Though it is certainly true that after having lived abroad and traveling extensively you may be more enlightened than old friends and family members, it is always important to keep in mind that there is something bigger that ties us all together and that you need to learn to forgive other people for what they don’t quite yet understand.  The same feelings of love and unity that you experienced while living abroad are the same ones that you should bring back home with you.  When you really think about it, nothing has changed during your time abroad and nothing ever will.  There is only one present moment (which is part of the single Universe that we are all a part of) and travelers as well as all others should do their best to come to this understanding.



What I learned over the last 24 months of my life…

As I was sitting on the plane on my way back to the USA from my new home in Medellin, Colombia (for my first extended stay in almost 24 months), I was inspired to put together a list of a few things (65 of them to be exact) that I have learned over the course of my journey that I would like to share with all those who are close to me. Thanks to all of the amazing people I have met and the impact you have had on my life forever.

Over the past 24-ish months of my life, I have learned…

1.) How to say “no” and not feel upset about turning people down. I know I’m not going to please everyone and sometimes people are going to be unhappy with me. It’s better to be honest and direct from the start.

2.) I am perfectly okay with who I am, right now and forever.

3.) Being selfish can be a very good thing.

4.) Shitty and judgmental people exist in every country and you’ll find them wherever you go. You have to roll with the punches and practice diplomacy.

5.) I like to have my own space.

6.) Personal autonomy is the most important thing to me in my life right now.

7.) It’s hard to maintain a healthy diet when you’re living in different countries and trying to blend into a new culture.

8.) It’s easiest to experience a different culture and start blending in right away if you go out for drinks and get hammered with local dudes.

9.) It’s hard to explain to your new local friends the sad truth that you don’t like to routinely drink as much as you did that one Saturday you met each other at the club when you were half-naked on the dance floor, beasting with a bottle of Rose in your hand, smoking cigars together.

10.) The best things to experience within another culture are found outside of activities that involve heavy drinking.

11.) More than half of the foreigners you meet when living abroad kind of suck.

12.) I have become a completely different person than I was three years ago (physically, mentally, spiritually, in every way).

13.) I am okay with the fact that not everything in my life is planned out and I have learned to live with ambiguity.

14.) I’m addicted to dating foreign girls and the emotion of love conquers all language barriers.

15.) I am more creative than I ever gave myself credit for and need to lean on that skill more often.

16.) I really enjoy writing something to start my days.

17.) I am most productive at the beginning of my days between the hours of 7AM and 10AM after a 45 minute walk, a creative burst, and cup of Colombian brewed coffee.

18.) I’m a one hundred percent better person when I haven’t had too much to drink.

19.) I am obsessed with hiking….usually by myself.

20.) I can either be incredibly outgoing or incredibly shy depending on the situation.

21.) If you’re scared to do something in life, you should probably do it.

22.) If you ask other people for advice, most likely you are just looking to validate what you’re going to do anyway. Just go ahead and get on with it.

23.) The only emotion in the world that matters is love. Nothing else is real.

24.) People get really confused when they meet me and try to figure out what I’m all about.

25.) There are at least two other people in the world that have the same birthday as me (Michael Quinn and Darren Moon).

26.) I love spending time alone watching documentaries.

27.) I want to get married and have a family someday.

28.) I want to travel even more and do greater things with my life.

29.) I need to focus on being me and going all in on my strengths. I am capable of creating anything that I wish to manifest.

30.) I’m really afraid of heights and don’t like paragliding (though I’m headed Skydiving tomorrow!).

31.) I’m a hopeless romantic.

32.) I get really annoyed when people try to make me take shots when I am out at a bar and I’m not in the mood.

33.) I have mostly a hate relationship with loud clubs and discotecas (expect on occasion)…I’d prefer a date and a nice calm evening almost every time.

34.) I am a natural born runner and regardless of whether my knees give out on me in a couple years, I will keep chugging along as long as possible.

35.) I want to inspire people to stop living mundane and mediocre lives by sharing with them what I have learned and helping them to overcome the common roadblocks that hinder people from achieving their true potential.

36.) I am really good at meeting dudes and talking forever. I am less good at holding long conversations with new girls that I meet…haven’t put my finger on it yet.

37.) When I’m in the mood and take my time, I am capable of creating great art.

38.) Acquiring a habit of consistent mediation has quite possibly been the most beneficial thing for me in life.

39.) Learning about the world through direct experience and prolonged periods of foreign residency is the only way to truly gain an understanding of another country.

40.) Saying goodbye never gets easier and I want to do less of it. I’ve cried more times than I want to admit about parting ways with the incredible people I have met over the past 24 months.

41.) You’re never too old, broke, or stuck in a situation to take chances. There’s always an excuse to not do something. It takes a true warrior to look at the maze of life and figure out how to transform it into something that you want it to look like.

42.) Being a tall white guy on the stage at a club in Gangnam is quite possibly the biggest ego boost in the world.

43.) It’s easier to pick up Korean girls when you roll to the club with 7 Korean guys.

44.) Korea quite possibly has the widest variety of food on the planet.

45.) Spending time at a couple Buddhist temples can change you forever.

46.) Dog meat doesn’t taste good.

47.) Korean people generally don’t get enough recognition for how warm hearted they are.

48.) For such a small country, Korea has more natural beauty to offer per square mile than most places I have ever been.

49.) I don’t want to be a scuba diving instructor. Scuba diving everyday in the most beautiful part of the world actually gets boring if you do it three times a day.

50.) You’re an asshole if you say something like the statement I just made in 49.

51.) How to classify and correctly identify at least 10 types of coral and 50 species of fish is a neat piece of knowledge to have.

52.) Living on an island for more than a month, away from civilization WILL drive you insane and you will start to hallucinate.

53.) Taking a shit and turning around to find a snake in the toilet bowl will make you a “hoverer” for life. Andrew Stock

54.) Chasing monitor lizards out of your kitchen so you can make breakfast is not cool.

55.) Bintang is one of the worst beers that I have ever had.

56.) The most beautiful girls in the world live in Medellin, Colombia.

57.) Cartagena is a great city for a weekend visit but it is too damn hot.

58.) The most enjoyable parts of Medellin, Colombia are actually found outside of the city.

59.) Most of the Colombians I know don’t actually like coffee. They drink hot chocolate in the morning.

60.) Aguardiente sucks. Sin azucar o con azucar….it doesn’t matter. Ugh.

61.) American dance moves don’t impress Latin women. It amazes me how different USA and Latin culture are in that regard.

62.) I can’t salsa dance at all.

63.) I need to learn how to salsa dance.

64.) Bandeja Paisa is best served without the Chicharron.


65.) I’ve learned that I am not done growing and becoming a better person. I’ll continue to have ups and downs in my life but I’ll never stop moving forward.

Thank you to everyone who is an important part of my life and has helped me to become the man I am today. The amount of happiness and love radiating from inside of me is a direct result of the influence that you have had on me and the blessings you have shared.


There aren’t many cities in the world that offer a lifestyle like “la ciudad de la eterna primavera.”  An English teaching job in this paradise location offers you the chance to experience something that most people will die dreaming about.  If you haven’t heard much about Medellín, it would serve you well to do some research on one of the world’s most innovative cities to see what you’re missing.  After reading about Medellín, if you are still not convinced that it’s a place that you’d like to call home, see below for 5 more reasons Medellín is a great place to teach English.

1.) The Climate

Where else in the world can you live where it is 72 degrees Fahrenheit every single day of the year?  One of the biggest attractions to living in Medellín is certainly the weather.  The city’s average annual temperature is 22 °C (72 °F), and because of its proximity to the equator and high altitude (5,000 ft or 1,500 m), its temperature is constant year round, with minimal variations.  Because of the pleasant springlike climate, Medellín has been dubbed “la ciudad de la eterna primavera,” which means “the city of eternal spring.”  The biggest decision you will ever have to make in the morning is whether you are going to wear a short or long sleeve t-shirt.

2.) The Culture

The inhabitants of Medellín are referred to as Antioqueños (Antioquians) named after their province.  They are also often known as Paisas, a name which some suggest comes from the coffee growers.  The term Paisa comes from the word paisano (fellow countryman).  Paisas make up one of the five different regional cultures within Colombia.  The Paisa region includes the states of Caldas, Risaralda, Quindi­o and some towns of Valle del Cauca and Tolima.

The Paisa culture is entrepreneurial, hard-working, and famously hospitable.  Paisas are known to speak softly and quickly, to smile easily, to love music, poetry, soccer, bargaining in the markets, and parties.  They are proud of their city, and work hard to keep it clean, stemming from the campaign begun in the 1980s, “Depende tambien de ti, darle amor a Medellín” (It depends on you too to give love to Medellín).

If you open yourself up to the Paisa culture, you are sure to fall in love with it.

3.) The Nightlife

Nightlife in Medellín is generally referred to as La Rumba, which means party.  It’s hard to find a Paisa who isn’t all about La Rumba on the weekends…or whenever there is a good excuse, for that matter.  The Medellí­n nightlife generally takes place in discos, pubs, parks, and certain dedicated streets.  There is a neighborhood that fits everyone’s style of going out.  If you make a lot of Colombian friends, they will surely introduce you to one of their favorite alcoholic beverages.  Be careful with aguardiente…  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Night view of the city

4.) Natural Surroundings

The metropolitan area of Medellín lies within the Aburrá valley at an elevation of 1,500 meters (about 4921 feet) and is divided by the Medllín River.  Because of its proximity to the mountains, Medellín offers easy access to many trails, lakes, forests and streams, where you can go trekking, kayaking, biking, camping, fishing, swimming, sailing rowing, horseback riding, do bike tours and have picnics.  The Arví Ecotourism Park and other popular destinations just outside the city offer incredible views and experiences with nature.

parque afví

5.) Cost of Living

While you’re not going to get rich teaching English in Medellín, you’re certainly not going to go broke either.  Everything from housing, food, to going out is unbelievably cheap, for the most part.  Of course, there are always ways you can find to spend money, but the cost of living in Medellín for an English teacher is roughly $1,000 per month on average (a little less or a little more depending on your preferences).  As an English teacher, you can expect to pull in as much as $1,500-$2,000 per month.  You can do a little better than breaking even and even stash a couple hundred bucks a month if you live within your means.

Revolutionary New Guidebooks to Find Jobs Teaching English Abroad

Hey guys!!!  Time to talk about my new project.  I just created a new eBook series called “Teach English Abroad Now” (check out my first eBook available for pre-order now at in order to help people along the way to having the experience of a lifetime and to fill a major gap that exists in the market.  There are a lot of schools out there that offer English teaching certifications (TESL/TEFL/TESOL, etc) but almost all of them fail to offer significant assistance when it comes to actually helping you find an English teaching job abroad.  It’s not that TEFL schools won’t try to help you find a job, it’s that they don’t always have the appropriate resources to do so.  Most of the information TEFL schools will provide to you was put together in an office over the phone or by email.  Would you take travel advice from someone who has never even been to the country that you’re planning to visit, let alone somewhere you’re planning to live?

The English market is extremely fragmented and sometimes it can be nearly impossible for aspiring ESL teachers to navigate through the process of getting a job.  We decided to take matters into our own hands and solve a common problem that many people have when looking for English teaching jobs abroad.  Every “Teach English Abroad Now” guidebook is put together with a “boots on the ground” mentality meaning that we actually live, network, connect with real English teachers, and go through the process of getting an English teaching job in each city that we create a guide for.  Our mission is to provide you with a legitimate plan of action to getting English teaching jobs and making a living abroad.

Listen, I am passionate about helping people.  A few years ago, I was depressed as hell and really not enjoying life.  I was working the corporate grind and not getting any satisfaction out of what I was doing.  I knew I needed something more.  I made the decision to teach English abroad and the experience completely changed my life.  Nowadays, I am still living the life of my dreams but I am more passionate about helping others do the same thing.

I spend hundreds of hours working with expert advisors putting together our “Teach English Abroad Now” guidebooks and I can personally guarantee that the information you will find inside is unlike anything else that you will find anywhere.  We take the time to pack our guidebooks full of current information that you can actually use to get an English teaching job in your desired location.  We cannot guarantee that you will find employment, but we CAN guarantee that with our guides you’ll have the best shot.

Get busy crushing life!

Tommy Joiner, Founder
Teach English Abroad Now


Teach English in Korea, Save $25,000 in One Year, and Change Your Life!

It has been a few months since I moved on from my first English teaching assignment in South Korea.  Since then, I have volunteered in Indonesia, traveled extensively through Mexico and Colombia, and started a graduate school program at Universidad EAFIT in Medellin, Colombia.  I could not be happier with my current situation in life and I want the same for everyone else.  None of what I am doing would be possible though if it weren’t for the fact that I first decided to take the leap and head over to South Korea to teach English about a year and a half ago.  Teaching in Korea gave me the international experience that I needed to get accepted to a top graduate program and provided me with the money to pay for it (loan free).  I saved over $25,000 in one year while I was teaching English in Korea!!!!  Sound too good to be true?  It’s not, and I will personally speak with you via Skype if you are curious as to how I did it.  If you are just graduating from college or stuck in a job that you hate, heading over to Korea could be just the thing that you need to get out from under student loans and/or revitalize your life.

I created the new eBook “Teaching English in Korea: Step by Step VERSION 1.0. to help YOU make positive changes in your life and to streamline the process of gaining employment at quality English institutions in South Korea.  Within the book, you’ll find helpful information that literally walks you through the entire process of getting a job teaching English in South Korea.  The eBook is set to launch tomorrow, February 10th and can be downloaded COMPLETELY FREE at the following link: CLICK HERE!

Big thanks to International TEFL Academy for providing me with the courage and necessary credentials to get started.  With my eBook and a TEFL certificate from International TEFL Academy, you will be armed with everything you need to take on the world.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????  Get out there, save some money, AND CRRRRRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact ITA and download the FREE eBook now!!!!

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Back to school! Voy a regresar a escuela!!!

Wow.  Buenos dias.  Como estamos?  Que mas?  What an odd feeling.  I am sitting in a cafe in my new hometown of Medellin, Colombia getting ready to head over to Universidad EAFIT where I will be studying to get a Master in International Business over the next two years.  Though I got accepted to this university about a year ago, it is kind of surreal that I am actually about to get started on this next phase of my life.

I have had a lot of people ask me why I came to Colombia to continue my studies and I have a lot of different answers…none of which I care to share in this post.  More than anything, I am super excited to be here and I feel like I am at the right place in my life.

For the past three weeks, I have been living with a great group of entrepreneurial dudes who have a ton of awesome projects going on and they have no doubt inspired me to create some things myself.  In fact, I am in the process of launching an eBook that is going to help people get a job teaching English in Korea…something I am super passionate about.  More on that later.  De todos modos, I recently decided to move out of the entrepreneur compound to live with some other international students closer to Universidad EAFIT.  I will be moving into my new spot this afternoon if all goes well.  I will be posted up with an Australian, a Brasilian, and a dude from Argentina….en nuestra casa solo se habla español entonces espero que vaya a mejorar mi español mucho!

I definitely have not moved any mountains during the last 16 months or so abroad, but I have proven a lot to myself.  I never thought I would be capable of moving from country to country and finding a way to fit in so easily.  If you have read my blog at all in the past, you know that I believe in people and that I have a lot of faith in humanity.  If I have learned one thing, it is that no matter where you go in life there will always be someone to help you out.  The important thing is that you are ready to return the favor anytime you get the chance.

Wish me luck as I move forward with la vida en COLOMBIA!!!!!!

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

Ronald Reagan